Personal Art Projects

LUX Hotel - Freeze light

Art photography concept for a future hotel in Montreal Old Port.


Montreal in Bloom

Art tools can give us the freedom to bring our artistic imagination to life. What would happen if we animate them and also give them the freedom to discover our surroundings?
In this project I tried to imagine how some of my favorite art tools have suddenly became alive, they escaped from the art studio and decided to discover Old Montreal, the place where I live and frequently get inspired by.



wooden panels diptych



Past and present, ground and underground, modern and retro, America and Europe, Paris andMontreal - two historic cities merged brother as Siamese twins, dispersed in the plane of the cold metal.

Each picture is done on the basis of the merger of twophotos: one photo of old poster (80 years old) in the Paris metro and one photoMontreal by night. On average, each picture took 20 hours of work.




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