Metamorphosis - Invasion of the art tools

Art tools can give us the freedom to bring our artistic imagination to life. What would happen if we animate them and also give them the freedom to discover our surroundings?
In this project I tried to imagine how some of my favorite art tools have suddenly became alive, they escaped from the art studio and decided to discover Old Montreal, the place where I live and frequently get inspired by.

Meanwhile, assorted chalk box thought that it would be a good idea to find a replacement for its old paper box and move into a bigger place, perhaps a Pont-du-Moulin sector, because this building also needs some color.

Charcoal pencil no longer wants to be a simple cedar wood pencil for sketching, he made his own dream come true and he turned into a gigantic clock tower/pencil. Finally he can reach the sky and turn it into his own canvas...

It was a gloomy rainy day in Old Montreal, and watercolor box flew over the Habitat 67 building. The watercolor box decided to blend in with the rain clouds and turn into a colorful waterfall, because the gloomy day needed some color and the Habitat 67 complex was way to dark to look at....

Nobel, the wooden mannequin no longer wants to be 12 inches tall, he turns into a giant zombie and he decides to multiply and to change his color to red. He walks around the Heritage building and he spies on the rich and famous.

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