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One of my latest projects involved a collaboration with Vintage Frames Company.

I photographed with my old film camera FED3 which used to belong to my grandfather. I connected my FED3 via trigger to Elinchrom set up to create a studio light surrounding.

As for Vintage Frames, this company is known for their large collection of unique brand name glasses (from 50′s to 80′s) hand picked from all over the world.

I was happy to be offered just a few the most original frames from their enormous collection.

FED 3 has been with me since I was eight years old. It was the first camera that I ever held in my hands long before I wanted to become a photographer…

It was a Soviet rangefinder camera mass-produced from 1934 until around 1990. FED was also the name of the factory that made it. Until 1955, the factory made a huge number of cameras that was an exact reproduction of the German Leica.

So you may also call it – the Soviet Leica.

The one that I own (FED3) was made around 1961. I am so glad that it still functions well enough for me to create many interesting, vintage style photographs.

At first, I wanted to experiment with my FED 3 camera and create a few series of photographs with a peculiar dark lines effects, sort of ‘From the past to the present’ theme.

Ironically, it was very exciting to wait one week for the development of film to discover the final results.

The whole process of experimenting with those pictures led me to my final result project.

I wanted to create an art drawing stylization of my photos and accentuate the Vintage Frames on the faces of the models.

I did it on purpose in order to demonstrate the complex and inverse direction from the analog film through the digital processing to an artistic drawing…

Photographer: Alexandre Paskanoi
Style: Miu Koridi
Hair: Weena Jérôme
Make Up: Lisa
Models: Myriam, Marilyn, Gaëlle / Scoop Agency
Accessories: Vintage Frames -


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